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LearningAdvisor.com offers valuable resources to empower students of any age to succeed in their educational and lifelong career journeys. Powered by Kaplan, LearningAdvisor is the “Founding Learning Partner” of AARP's Life Reimagined.org. Together, LifeReimagined and LearningAdvisor will work to forge flexible learning paths and shared experiences for the advancement of learning. 

With LearningAdvisor, discover the many educational opportunities provided both on campus and online. We want to enable students to realize their career aspirations and achieve the required education credentials in the quickest time frame possible, with the most academic success. If you are striving to enhance your skills or pursue a new career path, LearningAdvisor can provide you with relevant insights to help you maximize the value and return on your education so you can be self-reliant and build the future YOU want.


At LearningAdvisor, we feature information, insights and free resources on three educational paths:

Degree Programs
Pursue a degree towards a career in high-growth areas such as healthcare, business, and information technology.  Draw upon your life experiences to teach others with a career in education. Advance your nursing qualifications with an RN-to-BSN or BSN-to-MSN degree path, or even earn your doctorate in this high-demand field.  

Certificate Programs and Continuing Education
Prepare to be a real estate agent, stockbroker, insurance agent, financial analyst, financial planner, or CPA.  Turn your business idea into a business plan in an entrepreneurship course.  Strengthen your skills with certificates in project management or finance for managers.

Open Learning
Open learning is all about free and accessible education.  MOOCs, or massively open online courses, have opened the doors to thousands of courses from top universities around the world. Experienced professionals with real-world knowledge teach practical courses from a regionally accredited institution.  Through live seminars and self-paced programs, students at all stages of their careers can learn at their convenience and interact with others who share their interests.

Courses such as “Documenting Your Experiences for College Credit” provide context for learners to create an experiential learning portfolio in which the knowledge acquired through work, volunteer, and other life experiences is evaluated for college-level credit. This open course can be a first step toward achieving your academic goals.

With open learning, you can select from a range of subjects to pursue your interests and explore your passions for free, or at a minimal cost.

We understand that education is an important and often difficult process to navigate and are dedicated to providing access to genuinely useful information for students of any age, background, or aspiration.

In creating a community of students, parents, alumni, professors, employers, and advisors, we constantly seek to open the lines of communication and provide our users with a resource like no other. We’re here to support lifelong learning.

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